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Feb 20 2018


Thank you to everyone who read through DAY ONE!

Day two started with a short trip down to meet the wonderful Oskar. Being that it was quite early in the morning Oskar hadn't had his daily walk yet so we offered to take him out and grab some photos at the same time. Plus his mum has just had a little baby so we were happy to help and give them a break :)

Oskar was a bundle of joy we had fun running around and walking around the area. Beagles are renowned for having their noses to the ground and Oskar was exactly to breed with that, sniff sniff sniffing everything! 

After a lovely bright, warm run with Oskar we set off on the longest part of the journey from Durham to Essex! What a drive! 

And this is where we met Logan the best behaved Dalmatian we've ever met! 

Logan was full of energy ready to leap jump and pose for us. I must say we were definitely feeling the weekend catching up with us by this point, but luckily Logan brought the spark back in our step! 

And then... Last but definitely not least we met the wonderful little bundle of fluff Lola. 

By this point it was beginning to get dark, but Lola shone through - She was absolutely fantastic - happy to do anything for a little Enve biscuit. Not only that she also intrigued other dogs in the park to come over and say hello so we got lots of cuddles! 

I think Lola really got the shot/pose of the weekend with this one... 

And that was it! We had completed our Enve Roadtrip and off we went home :'( 

Here is a selection of our favourites from the trip! Interested in joining #TeamEnve then you can grab a trial bag at :