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Jul 09 2019

#TEAMENVE Rescue Visits 2019

In the last 2 months we have put time aside to visit the rescue charities that we have been supporting with food donations due to your recommendations and votes on previous competitions. full article

May 15 2019

Changing your puppies dog food #Advice

We've recently had a lot of new #TEAMENVE customers that are gorgeous little puppies. The owners have been in touch to ask about whether it's safe to change their food, so we thought it would be beneficial to write up about our recommendations. full article

Mar 12 2019

#TEAMENVE HQ ROADTRIP - Crufts, Alpacas & more...

We have just returned from a very busy week. It's not often that we have time to leave HQ, but we had to free up some time for the fantastic week we've had. full article

Feb 27 2019


Over at Enve Dog Food HQ we have been working on a lot of new offerings and changes within the company.

These changes will be drip fed over the coming months... full article

Sep 20 2018

#TEAMENVE SUPPORTS: Dachshund Tea Parties

We recently made a small donation to the Dachshund Tea Parties raffle hamper and we couldn't help but share Lucy D Photography's images, just for fun! Who doesn't like seeing a bunch of sausage dogs at a tea party? full article

Jul 30 2018

#TEAMENVE VISIT: Monty's Rescue

So yesterday we visited Monty's Rescue Centre. All myself and my wife can say from going there and seeing the facilities and dedication of the team at Monty's is WOW! full article

Jun 27 2018

#TEAMENVE Featured Writer: Monty’s report on our ENVE experience.

We recently donated food to Monty's Rescue where they kindly put together a blog about how our food suited their dogs. full article

Jun 20 2018

#TEAMENVE Recommends: Flea & Tick Treatments

As we are getting a mixture of rain and sunshine at the moment it's the perfect breeding ground for those horrible little fleas and ticks that take over our lives. The humidity is especially friendly to ticks. 

With that being said we know many dog owners opt to use a chemical treatment, whilst some opt to using natural treatments, so we have put together a little blog about what we've tried and used and what is recommended. full article

Jun 04 2018


We are extremely excited to currently be in the long process of finalising a 80/65/20 dog food recipe. full article

May 08 2018


How are you making sure you dog is safe and comfortable in these heat waves? 

As we approach summer we are getting more and more beautiful sunny days, but how are you dealing with it?

Here's a few ways we deal with the heat here at #TEAMENVE full article

May 02 2018

Feeding Your Pregnant Dog

Realistically on any complete dry dog food a bitch should be getting everything they need for their pregnancy, however some dry foods are better than others.

Enve Dog Food is high in meat protein and includes no grain or unneeded fillers, which is ideal for any pregnant dog. full article

Apr 23 2018

Unsafe Plants For Dogs in the UK

As gorgeous as they are many flowers and plants that naturally grow in our country and/or can be planted and will be beginning to show this time of year are not safe for our pooches. full article

Apr 10 2018

How grain free dog food changed my dog's life!

One of our marketing team wanted to tell you a little bit about her experience with grain. Her Miniature Pinscher suffered with unknown allergies for years... Here's her story! full article

Apr 04 2018


It's just been the Easter Weekend and following a fantastic long weekend with the dogs and family, we felt it was only right to spend this weeks blog telling you a bit more about #TEAMENVE and how it came about. full article

Mar 26 2018

#TEAMENVE Visit Blue Cross!

Following our recent donation of Enve Dog Food to our local Blue Cross Shelter, we decided to take a trip over to meet the dogs that would be benefitting from our donation. These gorgeous dogs below are waiting for their FOREVER HOMES! Contact Blue Cross Hertfordshire for more information on their dogs in need. full article

Mar 13 2018


You may or may not have noticed we have been at Crufts all weekend!! 
And WOW what a fantastic few days we have had... full article

Mar 05 2018


This week we are talking about our favourite dog toys and so far we have found Kong really do a fantastic job. Our lovely pooches and especially Della LOVE the cuddly, plush Kong toys, but Kong have lots of selection. full article

Feb 27 2018


One of the many ways we want to give back to our audience is by providing you with not only a grain free, high meat content food for your dogs, but also information on other products we truly believe are worth shouting about.

That is why we will now be doing a #TEAMENVE RECOMMENDS series on our blog!

This month we want to talk to you about the Vince The Vet Supplement powders. full article

Feb 20 2018


The ins and outs of DAY TWO on the Ultimate #TeamEnve Roadtrip where we travelled the UK to meet 7 of our competition winners and Enve eaters... full article

Feb 12 2018

The Ultimate #TeamEnve Roadtrip - What happened... DAY ONE

Looking back on what we got up to on 'The Ultimate #TeamEnve Roadtip' DAY ONE. A variety of dogs met and lots of driving. Keep reading for more on our fantastic weekend trip meeting #TeamEnve. full article